Der Adventskranz – Brauch und Herkunft!

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In the weeks before Christmas probably stands a wreath in Austria and Germany on almost every festively decorated table.

But where does this practice actually?

The custom of the Advent wreath dates back to Johann Heinrich Wichernhaus. He was the founder of the ‘Rough House “in Hamburg.

1860 lived orphans who very pleased at Christmas the pastor. The wreath should make the wait for it all the sweeter. He had therefore in the hall of the house hung a huge wreath. Like a chandelier he should have looked like. He took it a wooden wheel of an old carriage and sat 28 candles on it. 24 small red and 4 thick white! The 4 white candles symbolized Sundays and red small candles weekdays. For practical reasons, the candles number has been reduced to our known 4 candles later. This probably also had practical reasons, because in very few families were actually all the candles were lit. And it had another reason: The people wanted to hang such wreaths at home. In most living rooms, however there was no place for a huge cartwheel with 28 candles. Therefore, the size of the ring and the number of candles had to shrink. Many countries have this beautiful Advent custom now been adopted. In the church, he often spoke of his idea, and so the rim quickly became known. More and more Protestant churches have adopted the wreath in the following years. In 1925, the ring then conquered the Catholic Church.


First, we come to the shape of the Advent wreath. The circle, the round symbolized in different cultures in the world that which is perfect – in Christianity. The Advent wreath is usually a braided fir ring which is stocked with candles and decorated with Christmas decorations. On each Sunday of Advent, a candle is lit, so that on the fourth Advent burn all the candles. The word “Advent” comes from the Latin phrase “adventus”, which means “arrival” means. In the time of Advent, people (Christian faith) are preparing for the birth of Jesus, which is celebrated at Christmas. The original home of the Advent wreath is to be high in the north. From Scandinavia it should be moved towards Friesland and have become popular on the Baltic Sea islands. First, not as a Christian symbol, but as a defense against evil magic. So how many other Christian traditions also has the Advent wreath “pagan” origins.


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