Brennesseltee preparation and delicious recipes


So the preparation of a Brennesseltees is not unlike other teas also. Only the leaves times can take from his garden to give, is something special. it if you used music for Brennesseltee preparation young nettle is best. Eight teaspoon fresh or dried leaves are covered with a liter of water principle in the preparation. The whole has to take about 10 minutes before you can now serve it. The leaves are then screened by simply. The tea is served with a variety of extra-ingredients. One can easily refine it with a squeeze of lemon or add a spoonful of honey. But also in the trade do you get the different variations at low prices. The cooking time is the same for all Nettle tea varieties. Since the nettle only a short time needed to deploy your agents, he is prepared fast and fresh. You can also link their own ideas in order and create yourself one hand.

Brennesseltee preparation with various ingredients

The preparation of Brennesseltee goes as I said often, quite simple by equip. If it once a year, the nettle leaves get (collect or buy) now they have a supply for the whole year (month or week, depending on how it pleases them). Dried and made small they are stowed in the freezer. When they go to collect the leaves in spring, they also have quite sure the small leaves, which are much more effective than the big ones. So as you see, it does have quite a lot of advantages, to create a stockpile of certain leaves.

Here again the standard recipe for nettle.


-One Little sip milk -Circa 8 spoon nettle leaves on 1 liter of water vanilla sugar (if necessary is also normal sugar) -1 tablespoon honey -ungefähr infuse 10 minutes

Brennesseltee can alleviate much suffering!

In order to strengthen the whole organism in the body to relieve gout or rheumatism, or urinary tract infections will have long used successfully Brennesseltee. Man used for hundreds of years Brennesseltee to relieve symptoms. The healing agents have been known for centuries and now also proven scientifically. The body detoxifies, so to speak in a gentle manner. As well as in long-term applications using a blood-purifying effect, which leads to the every user feels more comfortable and elated after a short time. The leaves of the nettle are used not only for preparing Brennesseltee. In the kitchen, the leaves of the nettle are also processed in salads, as a side dish or vegetable as a delicious nettle-spinach.


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