Nettle salad

A nettle salad can be delicious. There him in almost all variants. Let’s face in which lettuce can not even make a few nettles pure one. Even a salad of many selected herbs and flowers can be combined with each other. A nettle salad is very good with oil / vinegar and dandelion. With a few sunflower seeds and you have a super simple salad. You see it is easier and faster than you think it. The nettle itself can pluck from any field or planting in their garden. Previously nice wash and finished the nettle for processing. The nettle loses its charm if it was plucked. So do not be shy in front of you to handle. When plucking, they should ensure that they carry either gloves or simply the leaves from the bottom up plucking, then it should go. If they have a lot of nettles available they could pluck all the young leaves and possibly stockpile. Pressed the nettle leaves are no longer such a large mass. These let the nettle simply dry and make them small then and then into a bag. Now the nettle leaves are ready for a stinging nettle salad or for freezing.

Ingredients and preparation:

30 g shoot tips of the nettles; 60 g fennel (1/2 smaller tuber); 2 tablespoons water. 1 pinch of salt; 10 g cream cheese (eg fresh goat cheese) Hold the shoot tips of the stems and about 3 seconds dip in boiling water, to destroy the internal hairs, keep not too long in the water, otherwise the leaves are muddy and dark green. Then remove coarse stems and place them on a flat plate. The fennel into small pieces. In a small pan or better fry in a grill frying pan briefly, then remove, let cool and place in the middle of the plate to the nettle tips. Mix the water with the salt and drizzle over. The cream cheese mash and finally crumble it. Fresh nettles are as foods an excellent source of minerals such as sodium, potassium and phosphorus. They are rich in magnesium and silicon in soluble silica (very good for the skin and hair). They have seven times as much iron, nine times as much protein, 17 times as much calcium and 25 times as much vitamin C as lettuce, also many other vitamins, especially vitamins A and E. The freshly pressed juice of the nettle is ideal for conduct Frühjahresentschlackungskur he purifies blood poison secreting and regenerating.


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